Go Zone Sweden

Daily perspectives from Sweden’s multicultural neighborhoods from the people who actually live and work here. Because the fact is, all of Sweden is a “Go Zone”.

Are you a proud resident or organization in one of Sweden’s multicultural neighborhoods and tired of the story being told by outsiders? Share the reality behind the headlines. Join us in building a new and fair image of Sweden’s multicultural neighborhoods.

Make your voice heard by sharing a daily picture, event, or story from your neighborhood on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instragram with the hashtag #gozonesweden or post on Go Zone Sweden’s Facebook page. On personal feeds, please include the date and time of the picture (tillexampel: 21/06/17 kl 14:30) and the name of your neighborhood (for example: #biskopsgården #rinkeby #bergsjön, and so on). Do not worry about posting beautiful, interesting, or exciting pictures. Even a daily picture of your parking lot, tram stop, or walk to school will show that life in your neighborhood is just like anywhere else in Sweden! 

We welcome organizations and companies based in these neighborhoods to use the tag #gozonesweden in addition to your other tags and promotions. 

Är du en stolt invånare eller organisation i en av Sveriges multikulturella stadsdelar och trött på att berättelsen berättas av utomstående? Visa en annan sida av verkligheten bortom rubrikerna. Hoppa på tåget och visa en ny och mer rättv bild av Sveriges multikulturella förorter. 

Gör din röst hörd genom att dela en bild eller en historia från din förort varje dag på Twitter, Facebook och Instagram med hashtag #gozonesweden eller på Go Zone Sveriges Facebook-sida.

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Go Zone Sweden is an initiative in collaboration with Västra Hisingen Basket, started by an American who has lived in Pakistan and Algeria and is now proud to reside in Biskopsgården. If you have questions please contact Megan Reif Dyfvermark at megan@vhbasket.se